Saturday, October 13, 2007

How to upload 1000px wide images for SPS STUDIO

With the launch of SPS STUDIO™, all existing clients will want to ensure that all current sites take full advantage by presenting super-sized, 1000px wide images for the new SlideShow virtual tour presentations, which is available only when you have large images.The most important thing you need to do, to achieve this, is upload the largest possible photos that you have. So - if you have a 1Mb or larger photo then this is perfect!Remember, our FAST FOTO™ system will speed the whole process for you - so even if you load multiple MEGA PIXEL photos - it will only take a few seconds for each image, which will save you a huge amount of time.

Uploading New Images
If you are loading new images for a Property Site, then all images will be correctly sized - so there's nothing else for you to do (just make sure you upload LARGE images - at least 1000px wide, or 1Mb big or bigger). Make sure you know where all your images are and then select them all and upload them ALL at once (e.g upload 30 at once!)

Replacing Existing 'smaller' Images If you have an existing site with existing images that you want to replace them with new large ones, then this is easy!

  • EDIT your site and go to the ADDITIONAL IMAGES section.
  • Choose the option on this page to REPLACE. This WIZARD will help you upload and replace existing images.
  • Upload as many large, mega-pixel images as you need.
  • The next step of the WIZARD will ask you to match 'new' to 'old' images and then, VOILA! the replacement is completed and your images will have maintained their order and any Titles or Texts associated with them.

If you need any assistance, don't hesitate to contact us!