Monday, December 31, 2007

December 2007 Newsletter

Here is an update on the latest enhancements to SPS.

The focus during the last few months has been to enhance SPS with capability to help you to automatically exploit your listing data in evenmore ways. Our new Listings Promotion Engine will take your data andsyndicate it, you can now post flyers to craigslist and use unbranded links.

Our new 'Widget' system takes your data to the next level allowing you to put your listing content in any other website.
This month also sees the launch of our new affiliate system and the broadening of our scope to accommodate Commercial property too.

What would you like to see in SPS??
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Featured Websites: :: Nearly 50 huge photos.
(Tracy is one of my very first clients - so thank you Tracy!) :: 62 high resolution
photos! Congratulations David - you did a great job!

Please send me your feedback and experiences!


Paul Eastwood
Single Property Sites Inc.

Latest Enhancements:

NEW: Syndication Feeds.
Our new FEED system is now up and running and will syndicate your listing data all over the web. Click the 'Promote Listing' icon in the EDIT page. Feeds include Trulia, Zillow(anyday!), Edgeio,, Google base and more. Our Feeds-wizard will help you get your listing successfully promoted!

NEW: Unbranded Tour Links!
We now have unbranded Virtual Tour links for each of your property sites. These not only give you an MLS-compliant unbranded virtual tour link, but such links also allow you to more effectively market your listing to other agents who then feel more comfortable passing links of unbranded listing data to their buyers. To find out more click the 'connect' text link for your site on the MANAGE SITES page.

Our new property widgets system allows you to enter listing data ONCE and then exploit it on other web sites. Our new Widget Wizard will help you! The Widget Library currently has two widgets that you can configure to show your listings as either a 'list' or 'gallery'. To find out more, click the new blue Widget icon on the Manage Sites page.

NEW: Virtual Flyers for craigslist.
It's now easy to post an elegant looking virtual flyer of your live property site to craigslist and other sites. Simply copy and paste the code we give you in the 'craigslist' tab of the 'Promote Listing' area.

NEW: Commercial Property support.

Set the Property Type field to be a non-residential type and this will make the templates more appropriate for commercial properties! Set this field in the ADDRESS/STATUS area when you EDIT the site.

NEW SUPPORT: Ticket system for Help.

If you use the HELP link and 'contact-us' form to send us requests for help, this creates a help-ticket for our support team. As well as being able to reply via email, you will now see 'open' tickets inside your account - a link will be shown on the MANAGE SITES page if you have any open tickets.

NEW: Multi-currency / International.
You can now display the price in YEN or EUROS! Choose your currency symbol when you enter the price for your listing.

NEW: Affiliate System

Know a lot of other agents that could benefit from SPS? Then sign up as an affiliate and earn commission when you refer them to us. It's easy to set up. See the text link for Affiliates at the foot of our home page.

NEW: More sites stay LIVE for Free.
Change the status of the property to SOLD, LEASED or RENTED and the site stays LIVE for free and will free up any activations you were using. This is great for SEO as your backlinks will be maintained.

Other News

Keller Williams Approved Vendor. Keller Williams confirmed SPS as an Approved Vendor for their agents.

Don't Forget!

Broker / Office / Team System!

Set up an SPS account for the office and get prices as low as $1 per listing per month. When you have an activation level of more than 10, you will automatically be able to create multiple Agent Profiles. When you complete a site, simply attach the right Agent profile to the site.

Updated NEWS and Knowledge Base.
Want to know how to use SPS for FSBO marketing? Want to know how to COPY a site? Simply click on the red HELP button when you are logged in to your account (foot of the page) and the new Knowledge Base should have all the answers you need!

Use SPS as a FSBO Marketing Tool.
Create a site for your FSBO and then EDIT and select "FSBO Options" to transform the site into a FSBO site, provided by you!

Hints and Tips


Don't forget to ACTIVATE your site to make it LIVE! Click the 'De-activate' button to turn it off and free up one of your Activations which you can use again straight away.

Copy a Site.

Use COPY to quickly create a new site and maintain all the old links and documents. Don't forget to change the street address!
You will upload megapixel images in seconds. Make sure your firewalls and security settings have as a trusted domain so that we can use COOKIES etc. Please contact us via the HELP desk if you need assistance.