Thursday, January 31, 2008

Market to FSBOs with Single Property Sites

Now is the time to address the significant opportunity presented by FSBOs - just read some of the statistics from NAR - by being the agent in the picture you stand a great chance of ultimately representing the seller.

Remember that FSBOs made up their mind - they do not want to use a Realtor - so going in with a full frontal attack will not work, it will get them dig in harder.

You have to build a relationship - the only way to do this is face to face, and to make them trust and like you. Some of the best opportunities can develop simply by offering genuine assistance. This is a very soft-sell approach. The idea is to get yourself in the frame, so that when they do decide to use a professional - you are the obvious choice.

So the queation is, "how can you offer genuine help?". I would suggest that you review many of the articles we have on our FSBO Marketing Resources page . This will give you a good overview of some of the accumulated experiences out there.

Of course, you can always take advantage of the SPS FSBO marketing system too. This will allow you to offer genuine help and assistance to the seller by creating a single property site for their home. This appears as a service provided by you to the seller so that you get all the credibility. See our FSBO marketing system. for an overview.

You can even use the "Free-View" feature we have to do this for free and see how they bite.