Thursday, February 14, 2008

How do Buyers find a Single Property Site?

Having created a Single Property Site, a critical question to ask is "How do buyers find the site?"

Well, we need to get the listing appropriately positioned in the marketplace. The marketplace, by definition, is where the buyers are!

Are Google, Yahoo! and MSN the Marketplace?
Well, I am not sure its reasonable to expect that a single property site gets quickly ranked for a high-use search term like "wyoming ranches" etc - many websites with longevity and lots of keyword-rich content will be able to more easily dominate the search engine results pages for those keywords. And, of course, its not at all reasonable to suggest that consumers type in '1122 Mainstreet' as a search term either.
However, SPS does assign keywords in the META tags and TITLE that reflect the property address - the purpose is to cover this requirement, so that when sites are indexed, they at least stand a fighting chance in the mass of sites on Google etc!

Getting Listing Data in front of Buyers

SPS provides a more targeted approach to ensuring your Single Property Site gets in front of potential buyers with the following techniques:

You can easily create a listing widget to display your listings (or a single listing) and then paste that widget into your own website, broker site, forum or BLOG, to display the listing data in web sites you control. This is a great way to bring potential buyers to your listing site.

Craigslist Flyer:
SPS creates a fabulous looking craigslist flyer for you (it looks just like your Single Property Site - see image!) - just copy and paste code to craigslist. Many buyers are on craigslist and so this helps ensure they will find your property.

SPS sends your listing data to Trulia, Zillow, Googlebase and many other important real estate search portals. These portals play an increasingly important role in helping buyers to find properties - and we cover this too for you.

Virtual Tour Links:
You can make your SPS site a Picture Path Link on and also an unbranded VT link for your MLS listing too.

Sign Rider and Domain Name
Drive-by buyers will see the Sign Rider with the street-address domain name on it and this is going to be the fastest and easiest way for them to find details about the property online.

As technology develops, and as the marketplace changes, SPS will continue to look for new ways to get your listing data out there in front of potential Buyers!