Monday, August 6, 2007

Introducing Single Property Sites

Single Property Sites was founded in 2005 after several years of working with the real estate community here in Denver, and learning about what was driving the market.

Here's a brief introduction to how Single Property Sites got started.

My own background was not from Real Estate, but actually from IBM and other global software organizations and this different perspective has proved very helpful.

SPS has really propelled the concept of a website for EVERY listing with our unique value proposition which allows real estate professionals to not only afford to do this for every listing (as low as $5 per listing per month), but our unique Site Builder Wizard helps even the most technically challenged.

We spent nearly 6 months thinking our concept through and testing with clients so that this would be the easiest and most intuitive system agents could use. This has certainly paid off.

I am pleased to report that we have an extremely loyal and satisfied set of clients and it appears, as of August 2007 that we are the largest provider of these services to the industry now based on total FOR SALE values of homes we represent, compared to values quoted by others.

Of course, now the market is changing again and the promotion of listings across the Internet is becoming business as usual for all agents. There are some amazing innovations being launched every day, nearly all of them Web based, that help agents market themselves and their listings more effectively.

Single Property Sites will always strive to provide the highest value and the best customer service. If you haven't done so already - try us out for your self! I love to hear your feedback.
Go to Single Property Sites and click the START NOW button to try us our for free.

Founder and President Single Property Sites Inc.