Monday, August 6, 2007

The Power of ONE - Niche Marketing gets Teeth in Real Estate

Successful marketing of any sort requires a focus on the needs of your client. The ability to create a single Web site dedicated to just one property takes niche marketing to the next level for real estate.

Today's Internet savvy buyers crawl the Web and use tools like REALTOR.COM or even sophisticated IDX-based home search services such as My Buying Buddy™, to find homes.

However, according to N.A.R. (National Association of REALTORS), most buyers still find a home from a drive-by, seeing the sign in the yard.

The problem is that current search technology in, or even a brokerage website, means many clicks and dead ends before the specific home you saw is actually found. A new approach is to service Home Buyer needs with a Web site dedicated to just a single property. By giving the home a unique web site with an easy to remember Street Address domain name, and a prominently displayed "sign-rider" on your For Sale sign, will mean that home buyers can simply and rapidly research these homes.

Paul Eastwood, founder of SinglePropertySites Inc, and visionary of this new solution said, "There’s clearly a problem when buyers find it so difficult to find a specific home on the web. A sign-rider pointing people to a street address domain name that takes potential buyers to a website dedicated to a single property, is the fastest and most guaranteed way for buyers to find homes on the web." is an example of a service that was launched at this year’s REALTOR Rally in Denver, which enables agents to use a 'wizard' interface to create dedicated sites for a specific home in minutes, at a low cost.

These sites clearly provide benefits to Sellers, Listing Agents and Buyers.
Jeff Bernard, President elect of Denver Board of Realtors said, "This type of solution addresses a very real need that Listing Agents have for more effective promotion of Listings on the web".

For the Seller, a dedicated site marketing their home means a strong presence in the market place. A single web site dedicated to their home or property will give that home the greatest exposure to drive-by traffic - something that is still a critical component of home selling. A sign-rider with the website address on it allows Sellers to relax knowing that they have 24 hour advertising and a permanently available on-line brochure.

Sellers easily see the advantage of dedicated advertising focused on their home.

Winning More listings.

For the Listing Agent, presenting the client's listing in a single property site has proven to be a deal clincher in Listing presentations. According to many agents, when Sellers see how comprehensively their property can be promoted they are often more quickly convinced. A valuable side-effect reported by one Agent in Denver was the interest generated by the web site in the local neighborhood, which created a number of referral opportunities from residents within the local area who had checked out the site and decided to make contact with the listing Agent.

Eastwood comments on a further advantage of this approach, "Sellers will want to tell their friends about this great website all about their home! Every time they do, they are effectively referring that Listing Agent to all their friends and family".

Although pioneering Agents have been creating websites for properties for some time now, the automated approach of solutions like those from SinglePropertySites makes this simple and effective marketing tool within the grasp of all agents, no matter what level of technical skill they poses.

For the Home Buyer driving around looking for homes, seeing that a home has a dedicated website definitely makes life a lot easier. Buyer Agents report that buyers can get very frustrated searching the web looking for home details. Even Broker or Agent sites can be hard to navigate let alone searching for a specific property.

A dedicated property-site does allow potential home buyers to find a specific home online straight away. Detailed research can then be done at leisure.

In conclusion, there’s no doubt that the Internet is changing the way real estate is marketed. With advances in technology, the creation of a web site dedicated to just one property can be a very easy, productive and cost effective marketing tool for listing agents.

The secret of successful marketing is always to focus on a small niche - a single property site allows every home buyer to fully exploit the power of the web with their own niche marketing strategy.

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