Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Single Property Sites Releases New Home Page Photo Options!

Single Property Sites have just released a new option for your home page main photo! Your main property photo is perhaps the most important photo on your website-it gives your viewer their first impression of the property itself.

We have just released new capabilities that will allow the main property photo to grab the attention of any viewer, whether that be a potential buyer or your sellers. You now have the option to upload larger, high resolution photos with an additional option to zoom in and out when viewing the photo. This new feature highlights the property at it's full potential. Your sellers will love the new capability and potential buyers will take extra time on your site to take advantage of the main photo options.

You will soon have the ability to use this same feature on all of your addition property photos as well. When you have uploaded the photos to your site, view the website and simply click on the main photo to enlarge it. Click on it again to restore it back to it's original size. To see our demo CLICK HERE

Watch for additional announcements in the near future about all of the product enhancements for your Single Property Sites. We think you'll be excited to see what improvements we have coming up!