Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Single Property Sites Offers Comprehensive Support To Their Customers

Imagine an online marketing solution so effective it becomes a staple in your marketing strategy. Imagine a marketing solution so easy to use that even the most inexperienced web user can breeze through it. No need to imagine any more - Single Property Sites is the solution you've been waiting for!

We've all seen websites that don't present a home in the best light. You can have a stunning home, however if it is displayed on a website that isn't up to par, it detracts from the value of your marketing strategy. Most often, these websites draw users to them because they are easy to use and low cost. Single Property Sites gives you dozens of professional templates to choose from and many options for adding images and content to the site. Our templates are professional, visually appealing, and extremely effective. You'll feel confident demonstrating the website to your potential listings and associating your name with a great website.

Even the most user friendly websites can be intimidating to some users, however. Not only have we created a simple, step by step process that literally walks you through every step of the build process, we also offer multiple avenues of support. You won't feel like you're left out alone in the atmosphere to build the site on your own.

Every Single Property Sites Customer has access to:
  • Knowledge Base - A library of FAQ's (frequently asked questions) and easy to understand responses to those questions. Our knowledge base is broken down by categories so there is ease in navigating through and finding exactly what you are looking for.

  • Troubleshooter - A step by step tour to find all the solutions to your issues.

  • Downloads - View a library of downloads for marketing materials, tutorials, and other items.

  • News - View the latest product updates, news, and announcements.

  • Online Help Desk - A team of Single Property Sites experts to answer any of your product questions and/or technical issues.

  • Customer Support - A dedicated phone line to speak with a customer support staff member.

  • Virtual Assistants - A list of certified, experienced virtual assistants to help create and manage your Single Property Sites on your behalf.
Jump right in and build as many demo sites as you wish - we are confident that you'll find Single Property Sites to be user friendly, effective, cost effective, and dedicated to support!