Thursday, August 9, 2007

What Makes Single Property Sites Different?

Single Property Sites offers many innovative opportunities for marketing your properties. However, our claim to fame is ease of use and value for money.

VALUE-For an office with many listings, you could be looking at just $3 to $4 per listing per month. The power of marketing your property to populations that can't be reached with print marketing is an invaluable resource. Consider the cost of marketing your properties for $3-$4 per month and then consider the potential number of buyers looking online.

When taking these factors into consideration, you get a substantial return for your minimal monthly investment. You would be hard pressed to find anyone else that has such a value proposition for you-and we have no contract so you can do it for one month and then stop if you do not like it!

EASE OF USE- Our customers find our property internet marketing solution one of the easiest and most straight forward systems to use. There's no time wasting trying to learn or use our system. Our site building wizard literally walks you through each step of building your site. You need only enter information and upload your images. We have some pretty unique technologies for uploading images which makes that really fast.We are partnered with all the main sites you'll need - for your picture path links, Google Base, Trulia and more.

NEED MORE CONVINCING? Visit us at, sign up for your free account and start to build your demo sites. We're certain you'll find Single Property Sites a powerful tool for your real estate marketing needs!